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Beautiful detail of gauze of marriage of newest 2008 design sees Barcelona true
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Spanish Barcelona ran show of gauze of a marriage a few days ago, model showed newest 2008 marriage gauze design.

Spanish Barcelona ran show of gauze of a marriage a few days ago, model showed newest 2008 marriage gauze design.

Of new a form of address for one's wife dress up already elegant hyperbole, elegant is romantic marriage gauze, exaggerated is the tire that is full of an illusion then. (Victorio & Lucchino)

On show of this Barcelona marriage gauze, the traditional element that stylist designs marriage gauze and fashionable characteristic are united in wedlock adequately together. More conspicuous is, kelisiting of Great Master of French heavyweight design - Lakeluwa (Christian Lacroix) also participate in its to fill.

The Kelisiting with artistic deep accomplishment all along with style magnificent delicate see say, design of its marriage gauze is not exceptional also, he did a lot of detail processing in this work, include melting small printing, bowknot, Lei Sihua edge to wait; Apply in colour on, besides traditional white, also make the finishing point flowery color is added on tire, for example compose acted the role of gorgeous pink, amaranthine floret, the design is enthusiastic and whole is romantic, pour colour of extremely rich Spain it seems that.

Designing a respect, kelisiting fluctuated in arm design kongfu, he used the design of the wealthy woman lasting appeal such as hubble-bubble sleeve, bud silk sleeve, also alternated among them short sleeve, long sleeve, some styles are luxuriant, some is chic, fashionable, built the visual effect of profusion.

Melting tire, the marriage gauze of condole shoulder type, high and elegant. (Christian Lacroix)

Spanish design: Fashionable sense is strong

Marriage gauze show also attracted famous Spain marriage gauze brand and Spanish stylist are participated in, & of stylist Victorio the work of Lucchino, to the person one kind follows a gender already elegant, already traditional exaggerated feeling, for example the marriage gauze of romance of design heavy and complicated, and the facial ministry of new a form of address for one's wife and tire design colour of extremely rich however imagination, very exaggerative also.

Pepe Botella is Spain famous dress brand, series of its marriage gauze has in the world quite consequence, brand the design of this one season is shirt-sleeve the grace of traditional marriage gauze, for example the skirt that layer cascade folds is placed, silk of drape, bud, but fashionable move is very sharp also, body reveals the modern bride instinctive quality of modern grace.
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