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Visual regale judges formal attire of marriage of point out star
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Happy shy bridal first time puts on marriage gauze, shadow of sari of marriage of his what Jing moves toward deep love colourfully —— has made love piece li of common element, love vogue to love marriage gauze again you, might as well the detail that much more advertent heroine chooses marriage gauze, actually, she is you choose the teacher with marriage best gauze.

Li Keqin and Lu Shuyi

The love long-distance race that Li Keqin and Lu Shuyi ended 13 years eventually, be fond of knot happy match. Bride from the beginning gauze used gauze to pledge to marriage gauze, avoid the fabrics with bridegroom suit duplicate. The head gauze of medium length and small imperial crown are united in wedlock, the fleeciness effect that uses white yarn stresses the luxuriant feeling of the upper part of the body, avoid the line of sight too next moving. Li Keqin's shirt and coat used the fabrics of different light feeling and quality of a material, in same color generation details varies.

Luxembourg prince Louis and Tessy Antony

The Tessy Antony of Luxembourg prince Louis and of humble birth in the Jiersiduofu of Luxembourg the cathedral held wedding, the marriage gauze of Tessy pledges with a gauze round flower regards whole marriage as the key of gauze, joined to fluctuate half-length design. Long hold a flower in both hands to suit build to compare tall bride. Their son of half years old also attended happy event, look love of inquire for card, the son is more effective than plunging drop.

Yuan Jijun and Jin Xuanzhu

Because marriage gauze of Jin Xuanzhu used champagne and smooth forge fabrics and times costly move. The design getting a department that contains fluent arc showed attractive neck bosom. The design of skirt body itself is more concise, without redundant adornment, use the big head gauze that contains flower bud silk to build luxuriant atmosphere. Yuan Jijun forms echo with the skirt of the shirt of smooth damask fabrics and bride, in the meantime, be in again tonal on carry shined the integral modelling of oneself.

Justin and Natasha

Dancing stars the marriage gauze of Natasha is typical piscine end pattern, the marriage gauze of this kind of design suits the bride with beautiful curve most, too fine is thin well-developed perhaps female does not suit. Her husband Justin was wearing traditional swallow-tailed coat, the waists-coat that has burnish feeling and cravat brought joyful atmosphere, but because chroma is more shallow, do not appear abrupt consequently.
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