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Japan " the countryside of bold wife " : Forceful is local man choose idol stand
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Group equestrian county is located in Campagna of Japanese east of Shanhaiguan, the native place that currently holds the post ofTian Kangfu of Japanese premier blessing is over there, return the Japan that be called since ancient times " the countryside of bold wife " .

Forceful is of local man choose idol standard

The reporter listens to group of people near equestrian county to say, local man choose occasionally when, it is less important standard softly, the disposition of forceful talent is more welcome. Group equestrian woman not only processing family general affairs, and often show one's face in public, the counsellor of appropriative husband and assistant. Group the car amount that every other people has equestrian county occupies countrywide first place, because group rate of female obtain employment is quite high, the job that has oneself mostly uses a car. Perhaps be the effect that suffers climate, group dialectal photograph contrast of the horse is more straightforward. The female diction in general Japanese gives person tenderness courteous sense, but group there is technical female term almost however in Ma Fangyan. This also is they give a person one of doughty impressional reasons probably.

Group equestrian county altogether was born 4 Japan premier, outside the wife that married long ridge county besides Zhongcenggenkanghong, other 3 madam is in Japanese journalism eye, have bit of “ the suspicion of bold wife ” . Ridge of north of Japanese famous publicist ever had said a thing, when saying in Fu Tiankang the husband is returned is assemblyman, once a reporter is drunk much wine, at dead of night calls to blessing cropland, start to talk even if is “ Mr Kang Fu in the home? The blessing cropland that ” sleeps lightly from inside the dream is able to bear or endure strength allowed a long time, also did not make clear who is this person. At this moment blessing cropland madam has seized mike says: Husband of Home “ my home can be pains a day just came back. You still waited for a head to regain consciousness to be called again! ” says “ to crash ” ground hanged a phone. After wine wakes, this reporter goes technically apologize of blessing cropland madam, the member that call “ blessing Tian Yi nevers mind, the madam can be incur does not rise. ”

Can earn money especially since ancient times

About group bold of equestrian county “ wife the antecedents of ” , the earliest version is archaic Ceng Youyi approves group of horses prefectural civilian is asked for to go the seaside collects pearl. Because the woman is fat the layer is thicker, suit to work for long in cold seawater more, what because this enters the water,work is a woman more. The most when these women return is earned sufficient money, the Japanese woman that need not resemble other place relies on a man in that way. Later, government office of river door act the silk goods of group of horse counties labels important articles of tribute, silkworm brocade becomes life pillar of place. This domain nature is the female's the world more, the woman of meeting brocade craft is extraordinary be very popular, and that income of man cultivate land does not calculate at all on what. As time passes, the feminine place nature here is different. Actually “ bold wife ” calls “ mother the world ” in Japanese, original idea is not ” of “ agile and brave, however “ we woman the world the meaning of the first able ” . No matter how say,do not pass, common Japanese speaks of the woman of group of horse counties, contain 3 minutes of a look of fear.
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