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Why should drink on wedding make a cup of wine
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Bridegroom, bride is drunk on wedding " make a cup of wine " it is one of important ceremonies on wedding.

Bridegroom, bride drinks “ to hand in cup wine ” on wedding is one of important ceremonies on wedding. This kind consuetudinary had had in ancient time, traceable the Qin Dynasty is acting.

According to historical data account, when stylish man, bride each hold an one analyse drinks for the gourd ladle of 2, its meaning is two people close from this 2 for one, there is same place between husband and wife, marriage hind is deeply attached to each other, 100 things are harmonious.

Arrived Tang Dynasty just changes container goblet, nowadays, hand in cup wine ceremony to had been mixed had very big change at the outset, but no matter what this consuetudinary performance manner has different, its implied meaning is consistent, symbolizing namely knot always not good, detached, also have the deep idea that lets bridal bridegroom share happiness and woe.