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Does the daughter get married send dotal why?
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Send dotal, send Lian namely. The daughter gets married, should prepare above all dotal. Latter-day much more popular Yu Han a group of things with common features certain zone. Dowry by woman provide for oneself, its sort can be divided wait for article for elaborate, decoration, daily expense, mention bridal identity on any account because of inspecting dotal amount after the flesh, so ordinary other people must bend its are all, important matter put in order, in order to contend for creditable.

Dowry content is the dress, mosquito-curtain more, by basin of garrulous, bathtub, foot, lavatory (frame) , low stool of old chair of desk of ark of pail, wooden case, wood, drawer, big desk, teapoy, brazier, charcoal, tea service, tableware, much person can amount to more than 10 carry. To show rich and generous, for 2 ~ 4 people carry big in all, small also want 2 people to close carry. Because content is much the person is numerous, the team is vast and mighty, weiwei is grand. Rich door big a group of things with common features the person that have cropland of give a dowry to a daughter, mountain forest more. The home of poor also has do one part dowry fully by the man, send to the bride's side stealthily beforehand, the day another that passes a gift carries together those who answer the bridegroom's or husband's family is consuetudinary. Because dowry is big, civilian common has “ to lay son success in every field, of ” of unripe female all in vain say.

Area of old times Beijing, after the bride's side receives the calm gift of the bridegroom's or husband's family, mug-up of the Long Fengxi cake that is about to deliver, cakes and sweetmeats is divided into a certain number of portions, load hamper, it is good to give 7 aunts the close relatives and friends such as 8 aunts send, tell the date of trousseau of give a dowry to a daughter, express to invite. To general friend affection, it is OK to send a piece of invitation card only. Submit a written statement to a higher authority: “ sincerely Zhan Yu × year day of × month × is Yu Guizhi of small female ×× period, entire please the language such as presence ” . Every gets gift or invitation card, want to send some of gift at the appointed time, buy to the girl some dotal, wait for content like dress material, headgear or footgear, calling “ fills box ” . Also some sends some of case gift, install in red envelope. Lian of “ of submit a written statement to a higher authority respects × yuan ” .

The woman gets married want dowry, a list of things of Lian sign one's name is various, its Feng Jian because of the rich and the poor of the bride's side different. In June 1924, mr Gu Jie firm is in Beijing University " ballad " an article is published on weekly, enumerate smooth mood 15 years (1889) Suzhou area the ” of “ Lian eye of a wedding: Copper, stannum, porcelain, tooth, bamboo, wood is various and implemental all ready, rough statistic, have a case 4, the bronze ware such as face basin, foot warmer, tea-urn 24, the tinware such as bottle of soup handleless cup, flagon, tea 41, the china such as teacup, big basin, soup bowl 135, the carpentry such as bucket of box cabinet, makeup stage, bath 51, filar a bamboo basket, carry the articles made of bamboo such as basket 6, have the various mirror such as reunion lens additionally, the tooth such as ivory chopsticks implement reach bedding to wait a variety of.
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