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Bump of litter of bump of common of old Shanghai marriage is spat to the bride
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Open the Shanghai before port, as China feudal dynasty dominates the small town of a Changjiang Delta below, follow of its marriage common of Chinese tradition " 6 ceremonies " , namely accept is collected, ask name, accept auspicious, accept is asked for, please period, greet in person. In the meantime, the influence that is changed again by Changjiang Delta Wu Dewen, taking apparent Shanghai terrain feature.

Betrothal ——— platoon decides ” of “ character 8, prepare the basic case of common of marriage of the Shanghai before betrothal gifts opens pier to understand clearly more, might as well the traditional marriage common that draws the outline of Shanghai.

Betrothal, be engaged namely, old say “ article decides ” , common says “ sets his mind at ” , “ takes dish of ”(to take basket head) , the woman says “ suffers tea ” . Young men and women marries union, classics go-between is matched, do by parents advocate. The bridegroom's or husband's family is about to marry its female, ask go-between to talk about a marriage to go canvassing of the bride's side, say “ asks character 8 ” or “ denounces character 8 ” . The bride's side agrees with marry, girl birthday character 8 (be born year, month, day, time) Geng Tie meets go-between service the bridegroom's or husband's family. The bridegroom's or husband's family will marry character 8 of male and female, ask fortune-telling gentleman platoon to decide, say “ discharges character 8 ” or “ adds up to character 8 ” . ” of “ character 8 has “ to close the cent of ” to gram ” and “ photograph, even age also has exquisite, be like female big 3 years old or male big 6 years old are inspected by absurd ground ominous, want to retreat ” of “ character 8.

If photograph of ” of bilateral “ character 8 closes, till photograph of the bridegroom's or husband's family looks or criterion of the bride's side asks silently, understand man family property and young appearance moral by elder brother's wife of girl parents or sister, elder brother namely, call “ to date ” . “ is married child is 3 minutes tall ” , average the bridegroom's or husband's family should compare the wife's family tall. At the same time the bridegroom's or husband's family also should ask about woman circumstance. After bilateral parent is satisfactory, ask go-between to eat ” of wine of “ word allow. Catch betrothal gifts of equipment of the bridegroom's or husband's family, hold go-between in the palm to send the bride's side, say “ takes dish of ”(pannikin) , choose decides auspicious day betrothal. When betrothal, each invite close kin good friend to run two 3 place, the bridegroom's or husband's family calls “ betrothal wine ” , the bride's side says “ suffers tea wine ” ; The bridegroom's or husband's family reachs the dress, headgear, case gift with tea, longan, jujube, the gift that evergreen or lucky straw put on park dish (call “ grail ”) , send to the bride's side by go-between (say “ seeks consent ”) . After the bride's side accepts next gifts, time give girl birthday Geng Tie (call “ big character 8 ”) and sincerely honour stage life (Gong Tie) for betrothal basis, call “ allow auspicious ” . The content send relatives and friends such as the tea that both sides of male and female will receive, longan, in order to show filial betrothal. After this, feng Duanyang, mid-autumn, the Spring Festival, male orientation the bride's side sends betrothal gifts, till get married.
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