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Bridal feast spot wants watchful detail
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The detail that bridal feast spot wants to notice

1. statistic as far as possible exact guest number, the person became much do not sit to fall very feel embarrassed, the person became little sky is too much very awkward, and the bill that buys feast more even.

2. Shift to an earlier date 10 days to send invitation, what can let guest preparation attends you is bridal, a lot of people when lest arrives are absent because of be less than a holiday please temporarily.

3. Plan the happy sugar that recompense uses or benefit city.

4. If wine shop does not wrap earthnut candied, the earthnut candy orange before oneself should prepare dinner.

5. Prepare wedding that day greet placard of guest marriage photograph and Vcd of marriage gauze photograph, answer to arrange a brother technically to be in charge of, because a lot of things are busy that day,do not come over to be able to forget.

6. The bride that day takes preparative wedding with a matron of honour, be in charge of take a picture and be in charge of photographing the cameraman that resemble, makeup girl people benefit city.

7. Prepare the paster of big double happiness of new personality room and decorations, many benefit city is sealed, the bosom that welcome guest is beautiful, gun salute (10 above) , red umbrella (black umbrella) , above article can be bought in terminal market of stationery of Baoan north road complete, those who if feel wine shop sends,invitation card is pie-eyed, oneself also can be bought over, the packing bag of candy of recompense happy event (box) have so that sell, style is much.

8. Statistical banquet brings guest number, normally the clique invitations card number comparing fact arrives number much 10%-20% , because of the person different, oneself hold. Recompense is fond of candy (benefit city) the invitation that press a clique counts preparation.

9. Number of statistical brother, sister and city of preparative brother benefit, sister benefit city, the bosom that welcome guest is beautiful.

10. Prepare wine water, smoke, smoke is general every surround two packets, stationary point is surrounded with be being added fully, put a dot to entertain kin friend in new personality home even; Foreign wine (liquor) as far as possible beforehand much, big soda water surrounds 2, coconut milk presses seating every a bottle. Wine water is insufficient very humiliating, the family drinks wedding feast namely, also say to have not quite, wait a moment please, let brother buy next.

11. Carry very beautiful inn to make festooned vehicle, general of 680 enough, the bag sends flower of bridegroom bride bosom, bilateral parents to preside over a wedding ceremony bosom of a matron of honour that accompany man is person bosom flower, beautiful, send a bundle of hand that receives a bride to hold a flower in both hands. The flower of the bosom that welcome guest of brotherly sister wants him to be bought in terminal market of stationery of Baoan north road.
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