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Daren FAQ: Interpretation of Low Price tricky wedding company
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When the couple visited the house over the wedding company, found that the same wedding requirements, several significant given the quoted spread. Strange in this industry prospective new people will not understand why it is this phenomenon? Here's a quick dinner specially designed in Regina to explain the mystery of it all. Regina profile: Lyon graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management Master Rui Shige major F & B. After returning home for the VOLVO, BMW, ASC, Rechenberg, and other famous enterprises to provide customized services catering Interior designers who have digital and Mr Qiao Kangdi celebrities involved in fashion design wedding party Olympic Sailing is now working in the wedding party consultant design director ALFORD WEDDING Q: For the newcomers the same requirements, but several companies offer different strange phenomenon, you have what opinion? A: Now the wedding service industry, there is indeed worrying many strange phenomena. Head fake in the price above the main competition is the means of many companies. Because the cheap tactics on consumers is very attractive. But we all know that there are two: 1, the prices of goods and services are the value of goods and services by the condensation of the work in the decision. 2, the business will always cries advertised low price, zero profit, serving the people ... ... The root of Jiedi merchants or earned interest. Someone asked, that cost less than the industry's business mad? No! Because they are the first ultra-low prices lure new companies to the reality of consumer service stage will expose their shortcomings. Q: Then you can analyze what low-cost companies have a subtle mystery it? A: we Chinese often say "one price of a sub-goods" in this sense are old but very practical. Some businesses are relying on late to win the second potential consumer benefits. Is the first with the low prices to attract new people, and then again in the service to new consumers. Start new very happy to think that they can enjoy low-cost services, but when they sent money, the business sales staff also told a lot of additional items. Forced a lot of new people, do not want big day in the pay huge disappointment and frustration secondary consumer debt. Commitment and service can not be honored, the wedding couple awkward spot I used to perform the wedding at the hotel witnessed a wedding and the new company's staff and their families went out ... ... The reason is that the wedding services the couple's commitment is not fulfilled, new wedding mess. Even given the price because the cost of business not be sufficient, how will the new service it promised to provide. Q: high quality low-cost wedding services and wedding services are any obvious differences? A: really high quality professional wedding services generally have the following characteristics: 1. "Lose price-quality" approach can not do a real quality to provide full wedding couples, therefore, high-end wedding service is the premise of guaranteeing quality of service, the charge the average market price. Truly low-cost high-end service does not require the sale of their goods and services to attract many consumers, but not cheap Exhibition and sale of their services. But the high-end brands will participate in the true sense of their own organizing conferences or exhibitions. 2. Master of goods and services, no discount, because the top-quality service will not be discounted. As for the "wedding packages" I want to focus on say a few words: wedding packages are generally stereotyped to provide a price for services and equipment. Therefore not suitable for all wedding packages new and monotonous, stylized wedding ceremony services are to look no characteristics. 3. High quality wedding arrangements are not only work hard, but not all of the currently most money-burning equipment gathering at the wedding, but according to new love, choose a character and belief in the way best suited to their show at the wedding day to all the honored guests. Not only provide high-end wedding program wedding, Butler service material is essential. Q: For the poor offer wedding services industry phenomenon, what are your recommendations aimed at newcomers? A: keep their eyes open, careful selection of truly meet your taste formal wedding consultant. "Affordable" is a lot of consumer expectations, but face too cheap you have to think much of the mystery behind the observed low to avoid being taken in, more to avoid a lifetime of regret.