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Hongyan Flower Wedding
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Geese? Floral wedding planning center goose and fly thousands of miles of the mails aim at the book, focusing on communication and marriage, is the basis for a happy life; wedding is the beginning of a happy life. Wedding operating properly, then not only become a lifetime of happiness Questions, you can become a harmonious family relationships, enhancing social image of catalyst; wedding improper operation, then there will be difficult to explain the problem. Hongyan floral wedding planning center, led by graduate students of the wedding planning team, focusing on marriage Create a ritual culture, not only the introduction of European-style wedding, Japanese weddings, Korean weddings and other forms of the world's wedding, from wedding to enhance the depth of culture and the formation of the American wedding, English wedding, French wedding, wedding Japanese, Korean wedding Ceremony, the Russian wedding, Indian wedding, classical Chinese wedding, modern Chinese wedding, and other cultural wedding, to meet the high-level, high-quality, high pursuit of a full range of new requirements. Hongyan floral wedding production center, won the " Shandong Flower Master "title, has represented China in the" World Florist Assembly "the teacher led, not only the most beautiful flower arrangement to bring guests to enjoy, but also the psychological advantage of the color original design concept for the new personalized color Color system, if the couple is required, can also be invited to Britain, Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries live performed floral masters.