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Cross-Strait Cultural Festival Eighth collective wedding ceremony held in Xiam
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November 20, guided by the Taiwan Affairs Office, organized by the dozen wedding Strait Cultural Festival and the "Chinese love, love is still wedding" mass wedding held in the grand Egret Island. From Xiamen, Kinmen, Penghu, 52 couples gathered Egret Island, under the blue sky and write a happy chapter. Pan Shi Jian, vice mayor of Xiamen, Kinmen County Magistrate Li Woshi, Penghu County and other leaders, Mr Chen Shuangquan witnessed this mass wedding, and the newly married, married couples commemorate the marriage certificate issued. The perfect combination of Western-style wedding The mass wedding and the previous biggest difference is in the Western-style romantic wedding atmosphere, retaining the elements of Taiwanese traditions. Grass, fountain, wedding march, holding the rose flower, romantic scene vivid new people into the Western-style game will dream wedding atmosphere. The "sedan chair lift, over rice sieve, sprinkle Kikusui, over the fire" and other traditional Taiwanese wedding elements, letting new people to experience the unique southern flavor of old-style wedding. Taiwan Folk Village from Jingshan Huang old man, is on the role of the new people "s mother" to guide the newcomers preparing for the wedding. Western-style wedding in the perfect combination of both like the modern wedding traditional wedding and want a new one-off enough people to addiction. Low-carbon environment to build a green wedding Low-carbon environment, close to the natural green wedding ideas runs through the entire wedding. Organizers will not only choose Fangcaoqiqi collective wedding, held in beautiful Egret Island, more new people to prepare innovative DIY grass ring, both romantic and beautiful and plain, so that new fresh people found the fountain grass back to nature feel. Wedding, the new people also performed a dance of love, exchange rings representing the happy grass, sweet interactive session will time and time again the collective wedding atmosphere to a climax, the wedding scene was filled with happiness everywhere sweet taste. It is understood that in this mass wedding in the strait, 14 from Kinmen and Penghu couple deliberately chose his own wedding in Xiamen, Fujian and Taiwan to the common experience of wedding customs. The current cross-strait mass wedding highlights with the roots of the culture of Fujian origin identity, promote cultural exchanges between the two sides of the wedding, as people across the Taiwan Strait has set up a new bridge of love.