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Wedding wedding photo studio and studio intense competition
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Miss Chang will be married in the wedding photographs of the local elections when I heard my sister wedding photographs before the election the studio, this package is good three thousand dollars, who knows in the end actually spent more than 1 million. So be sure to find the Miss Zhang Consumer to understand the place. Now, as more and more consumers like Ms. Zhang, the choice of wedding photography will be compared through the network. Extensive network of information, consumer reviews and studios in the industry caused by the existence of competition that has long been the "secondary consumption "Hidden rules affected. "One-off consumption," the industry "Secondary Consumer" All along, in wedding photography industry, an industry well-known paradox: "a one-time consumption," the industry "secondary consumption." The so-called "one-off consumption" refers to the most consumers, wedding photography is a Consumption of raw time; and consumption in the past but this time there is a long-term chronic illness, that is, the selected prices and packages after consumers found the real amount of consumption are often substantially higher than the original price of the selected package. This result is mainly due to lead the studio in the first district to pay the rent and offline store marketing costs. These fixed costs make the wedding photography industry, becoming a "secondary consumers" the hardest hit. Studio Online prices more transparent over customers However, in recent years, large numbers studio wedding photography industry, the impact of the "secondary consumers" live. "The first my wife and I were both working in the studio, I'm a photographer, makeup artist she is." Studio business has four years of Mr. Chen told reporters. "Then a lot of information can be found through the network to find We feel that why do not you do it? Anyway, not many early input. "He is still recall the information available online after the first one received guests," It was the first feeling is that the guests can find the original network is really ! "4 years, as the network continues to life, Mr. Chen's behavior online marketing themselves online from the original post later with some of the consumer guide to platform promotion. He is so not a small studio in Shenzhen. City life in the country's largest public comments online consumer guide site revealed that the site is currently included in wedding photography agencies 617, of which 414 for the studio , Accounting for 67% of the total, the studio had not monopolized the situation. Some studios even has quickly grown to have hundreds of large institutions. Grow up through the network to expand the studio store, does not like the studio as the main business district street store choice, but still continued with visitors, as the main characteristics of consumer groups, and therefore able to provide more Competitive prices. At the same time, the network also makes the price of wedding photography industry becomes more transparent. Comments from the public network news channel to see the wedding, wedding photography businesses each have a "price per" entry or, worse, Consumption had detailed records of users will shoot the wedding, including price, process, or even photographers and other details, so that the price of wedding photography industry has become more comparable.