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Chinese parasol upholds bridal plan
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Love you, the affirmatory —— phoenix tree that just gives you lifetime cultivates bridal atelier
Love you, just give you the consent of lifetime

It is strange phenomenon really, the most wonderful story ending in fairy tale story mostly the prince with ineludible brilliant “ and kind-hearted princess went one case eventually, go up too from now on happy and perfect life ” this one logic. According to the child's pure thinking structure mode, from small maintaining this ability is changeless happy ending, become the protagonist in fairy tale truly one day when you however, you just can be known, this is not the end of the story absolutely, the story just just begins ……

Who be if somebody wants the person that in asking you lifetime, you love most,? You can say “ certainly besides parents, he what I love most is me (she) . To him character, awaiting love is to enjoy true loneliness, it is to dare to break through lay hedge and not hesitate it is that eminent Er that pays price not group. The answer to a riddle that await, it is the auroral chains on region of be most willing to, knew loneliness and happiness, it is the lover that brush a shoulder and passes all the time.

To most person, marry, will be the beginning with new life, but wedding and marriage are two completely different ideas, satisfactory wedding will be the first pace that you move toward happy marriage, happy marriage needs you more attentive caress, cherish, each other manage attentively. How had taken the first step? How to decorate the wedding of two people is romance sweet and fashionably? Marriage of tree of …… phoenix tree celebrates service orgnaization to respectfully present for you one by one.

We are a flock of conviction the youth of love, we will respectfully present the picture in your dream in you at the moment, with our professional knowledge and the concept that update ceaselessly, trends of combinative international wedding measures a body to make the wedding that suits them to belong to them surely for each pairs of new personality. Give each bridal infuse fresh marrow, make they are broken away from originally the thing of formal word.

Holy cathedral is bridal

Chinese parasol cultivates wedding to engineer atelier, invite bridal compere, cameraman, cameraman for a long time, reach marriage celebrate industry colleague to join in collaboration!
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