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Undertake marriage banquet whether did invoice hotel say to calculate?
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Major public house expresses to undertake marriage banquet, the client can get bill when checkout. After major customer is undertaking consumptive, did not ask for the habit of bill actively. Come so, if consumptive product appears what problem, the right of consumer oneself can be damaged.

Recently, earnest reader reacts to this website, kunming town some public house undertakes invoice refuses when marriage banquet, replace with receipt, such means lets consumer feel very unreasonable.

Indescribable occurrence “ is not returned to break cost ” into pieces to invoice when settle accounts

May, citizen Mr Liu is glad very, because oneself son is about to get married, mr Liu is this also is unusually excited. After the meal taste that hears of some hotel is good Mr Liu understands this hotel to conduct the technological process of marriage banquet instantly. A few the world come, mr Liu to this hotel each respect compares satisfaction, place the marriage dinner that holds a son in this hotel at once, deliver to a hotel 1000 yuan subscription. All things all has, owe east wind only. September, the son of Mr Liu held wedding as scheduled in this hotel eventually. Hold when wedding after handling an end, when Mr Liu asks for meal bill to meal ministry when settle accounts, the staff member of the hotel says to Mr Liu “ our hotel undertakes marriage banquet all along not invoice. ” Mr Liu expresses at that time very do not understand such way, ask again and again invoice, last public house sees the client holds to again and again, was obliged a piece of receipt gets through hastily to Mr Liu.

Marriage banquet is held to still a thing lets Mr Liu feel to feel puzzled in this hotel. When marriage banquet ends, hotel clerk is taking a piece of mark to “ breaks the bill that expends ” into pieces to look to Mr Liu. Write above there is the article such as the beer bottle that smash, bowl, dish to add up to between marriage banquet process 400 yuan. Mr Liu feels mysterious, let a clerk write the place on detailed list at once the thing that smash is taken, there is “ to break odd ” into pieces to leave after hotel clerk is silent. However, the following day hotel clerk takes out a piece of mark to “ breaks cost into pieces again”monadlist lets Mr Liu sign. And what differ this is the article value that destroys on monadlist became 31 yuan. A day lie between, 400 yuan “ broke cost ” into pieces to become 31 yuan, this is the place that how Mr Liu also does not have be enlightened.

Does hotel ” go regular “ ? Undertake marriage banquet all along not invoice

This afternoon, the reporter will be located in a hotel of downtown. “ hello, which branch should conduction marriage banquet seek excuse me? Consumption will undertake advisory to lend forward stage the staff member before ” reporter. Subsequently, in downstage staff member how-to below, the reporter will to this hotel be in charge of technically recieving undertake the relevant branch office of marriage banquet feast. A director sees the guest arrives visit, take out menu glow immediately promote to the reporter. A simple dish is tasted after reaching the price to seek advice, the reporter begins to guard a pass to cast the hotel that recieves a reporter to be in charge of at the topic of bill, “ falls excuse me, when if we are here,conduction marriage banquet ends checkout, can does invoice give us? ” this director hears this issue, appreciably halt, smiling to explain to the reporter with respect to special occupational immediately, “ our hotel does not open marriage banquet bill, this is the regulation of our hotel. ” introduces according to this director, if be alone,the unit is held to dine together in the hotel, the meal of other perhaps form is consumed, the hotel can open relevant bill to the client, only alone marriage banquet feast does not grant to open bill. If decide marriage banquet in this hotel,the reporter expresses, whether can a invoice is reference main factor, face such situation, this hotel clerk still insists to say the hotel does not have marriage banquet feast to had opened bill, if the client insists to ask for, the hotel just also opens receipt of a consumption to give a customer at most. Bill of “ marriage banquet won't open for certain, this is the regulation of our hotel, I also do not have method. ” this hotel clerk also expresses to request of reporter importunate invoice very helpless.
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