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Inquire marriage registers the relevant provision of archives
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How does the citizen inquire marriage registers record?

How does the citizen inquire marriage registers record?

" marriage registers archives government measure " use to what marriage registers record made strict provision. Marital party hold is lawful identity document, can consult oneself marriage registers record; Because reason cannot be headed for personally,consult, can deal with accredit a power of attorney, entrust other to be dealt with for you, a power of attorney ought to via notary organization notarization. The record of citizen inquiry marriage that register is average the circumstance should register office inquiry to former marriage. If marriage registers archives to had turned over local country archives, marriage registers mechanism to should tell party, inquire to archives by party.

What kind of person can examine marriage to register record?

Marital party can consult by legal identity document oneself marriage registers record; Marriage registers mechanism to be able to use the marriage that this mechanism turns over to register record; Procuratorate of people court, people, public security and safe branch can consult marriage registers record; The proof material that agent of lawyer etc lawsuit manages the court that hears a case to issue and oneself are effective the marriage that certificate can consult to be concerned with lawsuit registers record.