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How does the program that marriage registers have?
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Marital greffier presses the following program to deal with marry register

Marital greffier deals with by the following program marry register:
(One) examine the corresponding certificate that this standard sets the 23rd times to the 28th and proof data;
(2) the marriage that asks party apiration;
(3) the both sides that marries of one's own accord fills in each " application marriage registers declaration " ;
" application marriage registers declaration " in the autograph of one column of " of " statement person must be finished before inspect oath person by statement person;
Party won't write, by party nuncupative, marital greffier fills in for you. Marital greffier acting party fills in end, ought to read out, party thinks to fill in content is not had by accident, in " of " statement person one column presses loops and whorls on a finger. "One column of statement person " does not get blank, also must not fill in for you by other, era presses loops and whorls on a finger;
(4) the declaration of person of party announce chrestomathy, marital greffier makes inspect oath person and in inspect oath person one column signs.