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The woman dreams car of 7 big top class and costly marriage
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Feminine dream car of 7 big top class and costly marriage

Laosilaisi is illusive. The model of heavyweight, smooth name is moved can bluff stays in. It really also be worthy of the name, of air illusive besides body of bully gas “ ” , car head is giant cistern bar case also provides shock power extremely, the modelling with lofty Founder grants the person's sedate feeling, the joyful goddess of cistern coping is in like hundred years consistent day stand erect car head ahead, lung of feeling press will of people, costly temperament uses up number to appear.

Kaidilake is big the incisively and vividly of bully gas deductive of car of litter handlebar United States, sideways or it is the front, all without exception reveals its resolute contour. Two kinds of color have distinguishing feature each, of black sedate and sober, white luxuriant gent. Interior assembles the Kaidilake of lengthen luxurious. It is marriage car market go up, very popular model.

Though Lincoln also is times accept favour, but its appearance looks as Kaidilake costly, much a few minutes grave, if use black, more feel heavy, the lengthen Lincoln that chooses white so wants to compare black more dignitary a group of things with common features is temperamental. The interior trim of Lincoln is delicate, configuration is fashionable, after all, it is the car of presidential level after all, luxurious degree does not have a word to say of course.

Double dragon chairman also is level of a president distribute a car, especially lengthen money more on marriage car market bestow favor on newly. With run quickly the likeness of eye of W240 part eyebrow, its trendy appearance more get newlywed person chase after hold in both hands. See be used to of an all of one suit shed the car of old brand marriage that hand down from last centuries, this new fresh blood also does not have taste one time.

BMW always lets person couplet think of the white-collar is small endowment, naturally has BMW of preference of the gens that pull wind 7 departments. Although do not have in front the length advantage of 3 cars, but the emotional appeal with particular BMW can be not small temptation to the bride. High-grade in-house adornment lets a person fondle admiringly likewise, the safe sense that high grade dermal charge for the making of sth. gives still is cannot small gaze.

Run quickly 600, the model of luxurious car, cannot think of to was not done only, run quickly to be able to give you all-around surprise on a car. It should be the top level that represented the limousine car on current international, german rigorous the meticulous in a subtle way that reflects on car craft. Choose to run quickly on wedding so, one is the oral homophonic that chooses it, because it is caressed all-aroundly,one is honest very assist.
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