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Blood type and your lucky flower
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The lucky flower that does bride of a beauty to see you

O blood · lucky flower: Helianthus

· individual character: Anacreontic, forthright and sincere, enthusiastic, obstinate, lively

· glamour behaves: Laugh confidently

· lucky place: All and cinema, lively place

· lucky number: 0, 2, 5

A blood · lucky flower: All over the sky star

· individual character: Sedate, gentle and quiet, amorous, persistent, dedicated

· glamour behaves: Shallow when laughing

· lucky place: The library, music admires meeting, artistic house

· lucky number: 3, 6

B blood is lucky flower: Small daisy, individual character not seek fame and wealth, happy, sensitive, show sympathy, hopeful

· glamour behaves: Be full of self-confident smile

· lucky place: Playground, odeum, office

· lucky number: 7, 8

AB blood is lucky flower: Violet

· individual character: Deiform, babyish, jumpy

· glamour behaves: When Shenyang is thought of

· lucky place: Informal discussion, artistic house

· lucky number: 0, 3