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Ecliptic calendar proper-noun explains
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Ecliptic calendar the specific explanation of a few proper-noun:

Espouse: Male marry female marry, hold marry the auspicious day of grand ceremony
Sacred: The sacred, does obeisance to ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for or temple namely hold a memorial ceremony for that points to ancestral temple is done obeisance to, the thing such as deities
Bury: Hold bury wait for a ceremony
Piece row: Point to go out journey, sightseeing is visited
Pray blessing: Invocatory deities falls blessing or set the thing with fulfiling one's promise Taoist sacrificial ceremony
Break ground: When the building, move a hoe excavation for the first time
Bring a bed: Point to find a place for the meaning of berth sleeper
Open light: After model of figure of Buddha is become, on consecrate thing
Accept collects: The ceremony of conclude marriage marriage, suffer award hire gold
Encoffin: Put the body the idea of bier
Move move from one place to another: Point to move the meaning of migratory abode
Break ground: Point to only bury the ” of used break ground, “ break ground with common structure house to differ, namely ” of “ break ground belongs to shade curtilage,
” of “ break ground belongs to this world curtilage also. Nowadays already was abused more socially belong to what shade belongs to shade to must discern curtilage when choose an auspicious day curtilage.
Remove: Show strong wash is swept abandon curtilage, remove the thing such as calamity be stranded
Enter curtilage: Namely ingoing is new curtilage, ” of inauguration ceremony of alleged “ new residence also
Build and repair: Show Yang Zhaizhi is built with repair
Grow: Cultivate content “ to receive ” of standing grain of fruit ”“ farm to be the same as
Reopen after a cessation of business: The meaning of “ practice ” , commodity firm opens business ” of start working of opening celebration ”“ is the same as deal “ .
Include: (Begin to do business at the beginning of 1) year or the thing such as start working
(2) sets store trading company newly or new plant kicks off wait for a thing
Move a coffin with corpse in: When travel bury appearance, move coffin the thing outside giving room
Order alliance: Be engaged a kind of the ceremony, common says small hire (order)
Disassemble: Pull down building
Stand roll: Conclude the thing of all sorts of contracted and mutual business
Trade: Conclude the thing of all sorts of contracted and mutual business
Beg heir: Point to deities invocatory heir (descendants) meaning
Upper beam: The bridge of mount fabric dome, wear a horse together
Pay money: The industry that buy house, replenish onr's stock, receive credit, close hire, demand repayment, stored in a barn of loan, food crops
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